How To Stay Healthy During Harmattan

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During harmattan in Ghana, the air is dusty and dry. So dry that at some point the insides of your nose begin to hurt and breathing becomes a problem. Your lips crack painfully and your skin feels like scales. Additionally, the soles of your feet may break, and sometimes your palms may start to peel.

Such is the ordeal you may go through during harmattan in Ghana. There’s still the constant battle with respiratory issues like catarrh and asthma. But the situation is not hopeless. This article will provide you with simple tips on how to stay healthy during harmattan.

Typically, the harmattan season begins to peep in late November and gets into full gear in December; this year has been quite different probably due to Climate Change but we are still expecting it. The severity of harmattan depends on where you are in Ghana though. The weather is milder in the southeast and particularly colder and dustier in the North. Apart from the cold and dust, the harmattan season is characterised by thick haze.

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