Ladies! Here Are Six Tips On How To Deal With His Jealousy

break up
break up

Having a jealous man is sometimes extremely hard, and a lot of the time, women believe in the saying, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” However, there is a reason the phrase, ‘Honesty is the best policy’ was created.

When a person lies, trust tends to get lost, which is supposed to be the foundation of any relationship. After you lose trust, you are forced to live with the guilt. Fast heart rates, keeping up with the made-up stories on a regular basis, afraid the truth might slip out in a conversation. Is it really worth it?

Here are a few tips to deal and handle your man’s jealousy.

1. Don’t Lie Your Way Out Of It

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Lying is not the answer, it is better for you and your relationship to say the truth and just take it like a man. Sure you might end up fighting, but at least that is the first step to making up.

2. Talk vs. Complain

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While men do appear extremely stubborn, talking things out really does help. Choose a time when they are relaxed and talk by expressing concern, not by complaining about their stubborn attitude.

3. Take Action

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Why not introduce your man to the person he is jealous of. If he gets to know them, maybe they will see what you see and will not feel the jealousy anymore. Keeping them at a distance from the one person they’re jealous of is not in your benefit.

4. Assurance

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Insecurity comes with jealousy, and every man hates the feeling of insecurity. Assure them in the purest ways, they are your one and only. Don’t lecture them like a student, assure them with affection.

5. Put Yourself in Their Shoes

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While men’s jealousy is a trait that can drive a woman wild, most of the time their jealousy comes from love. Do not accept the jealousy, but try to put yourself in their shoes and react accordingly.

6. Movies and Phrases Are for a Perfect World

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There are numerous phrases that real men would never get jealous. However, we don’t live in a romantic comedy, and men are human. Feelings and emotions are natural reactions; the key to them is to handle them delicately and smartly so you can move forward.


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