This Just Might Be The Most Expensive Wedding Gown Ever Made


We’re becoming more conscious of fast fashion and making sustainable purchases that go the distance.

Inevitably that means that we end up paying that little bit more for clothes and that’s fine because we’re buying things that we actually want and will wear time and time again.

But, way on the other end of the fast-fashion scale is the work of designer Guo Pei.

Just so you know, she designed the iconic dress Rihanna wore to the 2015 MET Gala.

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Rihanna in the dress designed by Guo Pei (image via Haus Of Rihanna//Pinterest)

Pei is one of the most coveted designers in China where she’s known as ‘a modern messenger of Chinese culture’ and for using precious metal and even uses 24-carat gold thread in her work.

Her catwalk shows can, according to British Vogue run up to $3 million to stage.

Her latest creation, however, might just have tipped the scales. The dress which has come up for auction might just be the most expensive outfit ever made.

It has been designed as a traditional bridal dress with a long structured gold skirt and fitted jacket in pure gold- a colour traditionally reserved for the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty.

The wedding gown just might be the most expensive (image via Sothebys)

Sotheby’s is expecting to rake in between £500,000 (€579, 425) and £700,000 (€811,118) for the gown.

To put that into perspective even if you snap up the dress for the bargain price of  £500,000  and wore it every day for a year, you would still be paying over €1,500 a day for the pleasure.

In other words, it would take you an eternity to get your money back in terms of cost per wear.  That being so, the high price tag might have something to do with the fact that it took five years to make.

The dress forms part of a collection of Pei’s work that’s about to go up for sale which has been appropriately named Gold: The Midas Touch.

Along with the outfit, plenty of other gold items will go under the hammer including furniture and jewellery.


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