Sia Stops To Pay For Every Customer’s Items In Walmart And Another Store


Sia was feeling especially generous this Thanksgiving.

As pointed out KESQ News Channel 3, the singer-songwriter was seen at a Palms Springs Walmart on Wednesday afternoon, paying for shoppers’ items. A video posted to social media shows Sia going from register to register to insert her card while identifying herself as “CiCi.”

Sia didn’t stop there. Twitter user @elsiehurtadoo revealed the artist was also spotted at a Palm Springs TJ Maxx department store where she also covered customers’ purchases. Elsie said she didn’t initially recognize Sia, as she typically hides her face under large wigs during public appearances. Sia also reportedly told shoppers she wanted to give back because she had “won the lottery.”

Its almost Christmas and…it’s the season of giving right!?

Source: Complex

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