We Cannot Wait To Hear Ghanaian “Afrhoe Nation” Stories But For Now, Check Out Those From The Portugal Edition!


In preparation for Afro Nation, we decided to go on one of TV presenter and sexual wellness and relationship content creator, Oloni’s Instagram’s highlights named “Afrhoe Nation” and boy oh boy! We are definitely excited for your stories from Ghana’s first Afro Nation event.

She usually asks people to send their sexual fantasies and encounters to her twitter DMs and she posts them anonymously. This particular time, she asked them about their “Afrhoe Nation” experiences from the one held in Portugal in August and we are in shock! Lol!

Don’t get us wrong though. We stan ladies who embrace their sexuality wholly and we cannot wait for Ghanaian stories from the event (considering y’all are brave enough to share that is).

Anyways, click Next to check out some of the mind bosting sexual experiences some people had.


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