Video: Pastor Kumchacha Turned Newspapers Into Money


He is known for his comical and controversial ways of interpreting the gospel but his ability to turn paper into money was unknown.

Founder and leader of Heaven Gate Ministry, Prophet Kumchacha, has got Ghanaians talking after miraculously turning newspapers into cedi notes, claiming he is uncovering the fake antics of people who practice the act.

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In the video, Kumchacha wrapped a box filled with papers and a piece of cloth, covered it and urged the people in the Okay FM studio to repeat every word he utters.

Kumchacha told the host of the Best Entertainment Show, Halifax, “This is real money, I have the power to command about 100 million in this studio. I can keep chanting and bring out more money right here”.

However, he revealed that what he did was just a trick and cautioned Ghanaians that all they see on their TV screens are fake!

He went on to reveal how he turned the newspapers into money.

Watch the video below:


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