UHAS: Meet Habiba Mohammed, Student MC Of The Year Nominee For The CBaze Awards


Every day comes with its own good news and today we are happy to announce to you that the University of Health and Allied Sciences’ very own Midwife in the making – Habiba Mohammed, a final year Midwifery student, UHAS, has been nominated for the category of Student MC of the year for the C Base Awards 2019.

KUULPEEPS UHAS is happy about this achievement and we really hope she wins the category.

The Editorial Team of KUULPEEPS UHAS had an interview session with her to get to know her as well as know more about the award scheme in which she is representing the school, in the category of Student MC Of The Year.

Habiba Mohammed is a midwifery Student in UHAS

KUULPEEPS UHAS (KU): Who is Habiba Mohammed?

HABIBA MOHAMMED (HM): I am Habiba Mohammed, a simple, sweet, confident and cunning lady.

KU: Wow, impressive, so how old are you and where do you come from?

HM: I am twenty-one (21) years old and I hail from Tinjase in the Oti Region of Ghana

KU: Tell us something brief about your family Ms Habiba.

HM: I come from a strict and disciplined Muslim family, my father is a road contractor who loves his profession with passion while my mother is a trader who trades in clothes.

KU: Wonderful family you’ve got, so tell us your programme of study and why you chose this particular university.

HM: I am currently pursuing a four-year degree programme in Midwifery at this university – the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho and in my final year. I strongly believe as the only university in Ghana built purposely for the training of Health and Allied Health Professionals,  I would be able to achieve my dream of becoming a Midwife in the near future. UHAS has the best of faculty as well as a Teaching Hospital to help in the teaching and learning process.

KU: We want to know your educational background before you got admitted into this school.

HM: I had my Basic Education at Perfect International School at Kasoa where I was both the Girl’s Prefect and Compound Prefect for the 2012/13 academic year. For my education at the second cycle institution, I attended Winneba Senior High School in the Central Region of Ghana and completed successfully in 2016. I was a sports girl and involved myself in other extra-curricular activities. I read General Art. While in SHS, I was elected as Studies Prefect. All these have not been easy especially combining with studies but by God’s grace, we sailed through and completed successfully with good grades. My tertiary education has been my greatest breakthrough. It has given me exposure to a certain phase of life and also a chance to meet a lot of people across the country who have inspired me massively in several ways. I bless the day, I entered tertiary.

She is nominated for the Best Student MC at the CBase Awards

KU: Impressive! So Habiba, tell us who or what encourages or motivates you in this life.

HM: (Gives a cute smile) I must say, my family, especially my mother. She has been the biggest source of encouragement and motivation for me. That is why I am a truly self-inspired, strengthened and dedicated lady today. I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and failures. I never regard my failure as a curse rather than an opportunity to improve myself. I always take my motivation from the fact that there is no completely successful woman without a mixture of success and failures. That is to say, I have failed several times, but every failure made me stronger even than before and that is what motivates me in life.

KU: Ms Habiba, so where do you see yourself five (5) to ten (10) years from now and what are your ambitions in life?

HM: For my ambitions in life, it involves a lot of things. To be a renowned midwife in Ghana and further my education to become a paediatrician. I want to be happy and live my life to the fullest. The greatest of it all is to become rich enough to support the needy, orphans and widowers in any way I can, to put a smile on their faces and make them feel accepted. In the next five to ten years I want to see myself living a fulfilled life.

KU: Any last words, please?

HM: Fortunately, I have been nominated for the category of “Student MC of the Year” as part of the 2019 Campus Baze Awards and I am the only person representing UHAS in that category. I am, therefore, pleading with everyone to support this cause so that we win the award. I am a dedicated, hardworking and determined young lady who has being in the MC business for some years now and I strongly believe that I deserve this award. I, therefore, entreat all UHAS students to vote for me, please. Thank you.

KUULPEEPS UHAS: Thank you for your time and we wish you the very best in your endeavours.

HABIBA MOHAMMED: Thank you very much for this opportunity and I must say I am really grateful. 

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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