UG: Sugar Might Give You Diabetes But Guess What Else You Can Use it For.


Have you ever thought of other ways to use other things?

Well, help has arrived!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who rushes to eat hot food and gets really uncomfortable tongue burns after that. Well, the only difference between you and I is the fact that I sprinkle sugar on my tongue after that burn to soothe it and trust me when I tell you that it works like magic.

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So what are we talking about today?

Tried and tested alternative uses of sugar. Sugar isn’t just for eating. Let’s learn something new today!

Here are five alternative uses of sugar.

Apart from using sugar to relieve tongue burns, it can be used for so many other things.

Ladies, you can put sugar to use in your hair!

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Yup! In your hair. Just dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in warm water and you’ve got homemade hair gel. It works nicely for people with shorter or spikier hair.

Aunties who wear lipstick…this is for you!

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Sugar extends the wear of your favourite lipstick, whether liquid or traditional. Just apply your lippie as usual and sprinkle bits of sugar on there. Let it sit for a while, then use a little water to dab off the excess.

Our favourite sugar hack is here!

Lip scrubs!

If you want smooth, soft, kissable lips, this is your best bet!

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No more crusty and chapped lips…just mix a teaspoon of sugar and two teaspoons of coconut oil or just about enough to make a paste…nothing too runny and you’re good to go. spread this on your kisser and rub in circular motions. Not only does this take off dead skin, but it also helps blood circulate better in your lips. Leave the scrub on for five minutes after scrubbing and wipe off with a clean tissue or if you’re in a hurry, lick it off!

You can use sugar to “brighten and smoothen” rough knees and darkened elbows. How? Well, just put some sugar on half a lemon and scrub away.

Last one for the gyaldem… oh and the mandem that love to cook. Sugar cuts grease like a charm. You know that feeling you get when there’s dry oil at the bottom of that non-stick pan? The answer to your problem is here! Use sugar as an abrasive. Add the sugar to the normal quantity of soap you’d naturally use to wash the pan and we’re cool.

Hope these work magic for you. Enjoy life too, it’s just as sweet.

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