UG: Some Areas On Campus Lose Network Connection Due To A Power Cable Fault.


All members of the University Community are hereby informed that there is a power cable fault around LECIAD that has affected one of the network distribution nodes. As a result, the following areas do not have network connectivity:

1. Earth Science Department
2. Department of Geography & Resource Development
4. Institute of African Studies
6. Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCOS) ANNEX
7. The UG Information Centre
8. School of Performing Arts
9. School of Education & Leadership
10. School of Information & Communication Studies

For more specific information on the power issue, please contact PDMSD. As soon as power is resolved, network services will be restored immediately.

If you have any other questions related to this Service Alert, please contact the Service Desk by email.

Email: UGCS Service Desk at

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