UENR: Highlights From The SRC/LNUGS Women Commission Wild’19 Conference


The SRC/LNUGS Women Commission organised a mega-conference which was dubbed WILD’19 for UENR ladies on the 16th of November 2019 at the school’s auditorium.

The conference which was based on the theme: “optimizing women’s immense involvement in leadership for a better society” was mainly to empower women or ladies of the university to always vie for leadership roles in the university and outside the university as well.

The Guest speakers for the conference were Emelia Brobbey (Ghanaian Actress and TV Host), Nana Afia Prempeh ( A former participant of GMB), Miss Janat Issifu ( Former USAG Press and Information Secretary).

Also in attendance were the WOCOM for USAG and some SRC executives and departmental heads from the university. Here are some pictures from the program.

Miss Janat Issifu, an alumnus of the school and former USAG Information & Press Secretary speaking to the crowd.


WILD 2019.


Executives of the Women Advocacy Network (WAN) addressing the students.


The men were not left out. They came in their numbers to support the ladies.


Nana Afia Prempeh, a former participant of GMB addressing the students.


Team Mastura, winners of the debate organised by the UENR Forensic Society during the conference.


President of the entrepreneurship students association who doubles as an artist presenting a portrait of Emelia Brobbey to her which was done overnight.


Emelia Brobbey, a Ghanaian actress/TV Host speaking to the ladies on women empowerment.


Emelia Brobbey at WILD’19


WILD 2019


Debate Competition during the conference


Debate Competition during the conference


Performance from ARAB


WILD 2019


The SRC/LNUGS WOCOM with smiles all over her face during the conference.


Debate Competition during the conference




WILD 2019


WILD 2019


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