This year, Ghana is celebrating 400 years since the first recorded slave ship landed in the United States of America.

As part of the celebrations, a number of key influential people in the black community in the US have paid a visit to Ghana. It is their way of getting in touch with their roots and coming to a full circle of commemorating the horrific history of their ancestry.

The award-winning American actor, Danny Glover is one of many high profile African Americans who have paid that solemn pilgrimage back to Ghana this year.

For many of us, it seemed this is the first time Danny Glover has been to Ghana or have had any form of recognizable relationship with anybody of Ghanaian descent.

Well, we were wrong and thanks to the family of the late iconic Ghanaian fashion designer Kofi Ansah who gave us the education we needed.

It turns out that Danny Glover has had a long-standing relationship with Ghana.

At least, as it has been confirmed, 24 years ago the actor visited Ghana.

While here, he paid a visit to the late Kofi Ansah’s home.

An Instagram account that is dedicated to celebrating the late Kofi Ansah shared the photo of the two men with Kofi Ansah’s sons Joey and Ryan.

Rest in power, Kofi Ansah.


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