These 7 Tips Will Help You Spot An Abusive Man

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Spotting an abusive man can be hard at the beginning of a relationship. Unfortunately, abusive guys don’t come with warning labels.

Sometimes the sweetest and kindest man can turn out to be the most abusive one you know; people can be deceiving. However, it’s always better late than never.

Since you can always find difficulties recognizing a toxic relationship or friendship, guidance is always useful to help you break the ties with this abusive person.

Because sometimes you need someone to help you spot an alarming sign of an abusive relationship, here are tips on how to spot an abusive man…

1. The way he negatively talks about his parents, especially his mother or sister. If he’s rude to his family members, then it’s an indication he’s an abusive man.

2. Being over-controlling almost all the time is a sign he might be an abusive man.

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3. If he ever threatened to hit you or has even punched you, then he’ll probably have a pattern and it won’t be the last time he does it, which is a clear sign he’s an abusive man.

4. If he ever blames you for his own faults or has been too harsh on you during an argument with no reason, then he’s more prone to be the abusive partner in the relationship.

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5. Never fall for his tears and his different ways to gain your sympathy. This is his own way to manipulate your feelings, which is also a clear sign he’s an abusive man.

6. Once he starts to belittle or curse you in front of people or even in private, then you should know it’s an alarming hint. If someone exhibits this feature, then it’s a sign he’s an abusive man.

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7. Also if he manages to draw you away from public places in order to put his rage on you, then it’s clearly the right time to end this relationship with your abusive.


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