Sho Madjozi Meets John Cena On The Kelly Clarkson Show And Her Reaction Is Just Priceless


Sho Madjozi’s John Cena has been going viral for some time now. John Cena himself was dancing to the song on Ellen’s show. Dancegodlloyd and his team also did a dance video to her song and it pretty went viral.

But in an interview with Kelly Clarkson, she made it known she had not yet seen or had interactions with John Cena. But prior, John Cena made a post on Instagram without a caption or a tag. However, that’s actually how John Cena posts on Instagram without comment or tag. See the post below.


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The Sho Madjozi had the opportunity to perform the viral hit song “John Cena” on The Kelly Clarkson Show. With the crowd cheering, Sho Madjozi does a little breakdance before starting her performance.

Without her knowledge whiles performing, John Cena appears from the backstage to surprise Sho Madjozi.

Her reaction was just epic. She stops singing and screams, she starts jumping and runs across the set. She later gives Kelly Clarkson a hug leaving John Cena to dance alone. Well, this move was unintentional because she revealed earlier that she was a huge fan of the Wrestling star.  She later runs to hug John Cena with the song playing in the background.

Sho Madjozi is a South African rapper, singer, songwriter and first performed this song “John Cena” on the Colors Show, a Youtube show where artistes from all over the world are given the platform to showcase their talent.

We are soo happy she was able to meet John Cena.


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