Netflix Went Down Throughout The World Including U.S.


‘Whoops, something went wrong…Unexpected error.’ That was the message quite a few people around the world woke up to today when trying to log into Netflix. The streaming giant has gone down throughout various parts of the world, including some areas in the United States. New York was hit bad, and still appears to be out in some places on the East Coast.

The DownDetector outage map currently shows areas being effected, which include Miami, Israel, Germany and Greece as of this writing. Most of the United States is back up and running. There isn’t any official news from Netflix U.S. at this time.

This outage and ensuing technical issues come after Disney+ just had a successful streaming launch with over 10M+ subscribers signing on within the first 24 hours of services. That itself caused some tech issues on their side. This current outage mostly hit people in the U.S. and Europe, but many were still asleep on the West Coast and won’t experience any problems or notice any issues.

People were reporting streaming issues early this morning, with the problems spreading throughout Japan, China, the Netherlands, and more. At the time of the initial outage, Netflix issued this statement.

“Experiencing issues streaming on all devices.”

Netflix’s support account on Twitter has been responding to various individual users this morning about the problem. And they acknowledged that there definitely was an issue, “At the moment we are experiencing technical problems, we are busy rectifying this as quickly as possible.” Netflix google also translated this message on one account. “I recommend trying Netflix again at a later date. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

As of now, the biggest outage still seems to be in or near Germany, with many in Poland, Spain, Barcelona and Paris still experiencing technical difficulties according to a down detector. New York still seems to have the biggest problem in the U.S. with spotty service throughout various states.

Right now in France, there is no indication as to when Netflix will properly be working again. But it appears that Netflix is on the issue and trying to resolve it fast. Most Netflix users in the states should be able to resume their morning streaming habits. But if you’re experiencing any difficulties, it is most likely coming from this technical issue on Netflix’s side and not your own devices.

The official Netflix U.S. Twitter hasn’t responded to these outages, but they’re the last post from 16 hours ago is quite apropos. It is from their new movie Let It Snow and has a mom giving her daughter advice, “Listen to me. Things happen in life. Bad things. Sickness, divorce. It’s scary. And it’s survival to retreat. But if you retreat, you also miss the good things. Do you understand?” You can watch the full clip below. It’s almost as if Netflix knew a small storm was coming.

Source: Movieweb

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