My Varsity, The Comic Strip You Should Expect On This And Every Wednesday


Yo! You guys… We are bringing you the best Comic Strip series ever.

Your eye get anaa?

We have come up with a Comic strip story called #MyVarsity which seeks to talk about campus life.

You see that roommate e dey narrow you nu, that percher e dey chop your cho nu… The exams Wahala you dey go through nu and all those stressful stuff… You name them… Yeah! We dey come talk about them all.

This month’s episode is about Perchers and we even rolled out one last week.

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So this is the good news guys! Enjoy and expect #MyVarsity this and every Wednesday at 11 AM on and our social media pages (Instagram – Kuulpeeps. Facebook – Kuulpeeps).

You can also share your perching experience with us in the comments box.


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