KNUST: Don’t Wallow In Sorrow. Here Is How To Get Over A Break-Up


Hey guys, have you gotten your heartbroken by that amazing girl or boy. Worry no more, you’ll definitely be fine with these tips to mend that heart.

Cut communication ties with your ex 

This might sound weird, but trust us it works perfectly. During this period, you gotta cut ties with your ex. This will help in quickening the healing process. You’d definitely be tempted to text or call your ex. We bet it’d just exacerbate more pain. After getting over her, you guys can then occasionally communicate.

Get yourself a nice hobby

Maybe you haven’t yet discovered what you’re fond of. There are myriads of interesting things out there you can try your hands on. It’ll certainly help in alleviating the pain. You can try listening to your favourite music, going fishing, swimming, etc.

The friend’s factor

During this period, you should spend more time with your friends, crack jokes and have fun together. Charley, avoid being alone because this can trigger some thoughts which can lead to depression. That notwithstanding, avoid nagging friends during this period cuz you don’t need any more bad energy.

Avoid rushing into a new relationship

A new relationship at this time can be suicidal. This is because you tend to be emotionally vulnerable during this period, and a rebound relationship will only do more harm than good. Such relationships most often than not end
on a bad note. We don’t want you to start a new relationship with a broken heart!

Develop yourself

This is a must! You should improve upon your looks and physique, your capabilities etc. Try learning new things and take the breakup as a great opportunity to rediscover yourself. This will basically serve two purposes. This will primarily facilitate the healing process. Also, it’ll definitely put you in the best position for a future relationship and promises to extend the span.

Eat good, Cry less, Smile through it

This is the time you should eat well, get enough sleep, cry less and cheer up! Unfortunately, people starve themselves during this period leading to further damage to them. Meanwhile, if they were to fast during any normal day as they’d definitely suck at it.

Breakups are normal, don’t stress yourself too much over breakups. Remember, this too shall pass. Moreover, you’d get your perfect match at the end of the tunnel. So play it cool, no suicidal thoughts and breakups! Stay safe.


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