If You Don’t Drink Or Smoke It Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have a Good Time at Parties! Read This To Find Out More


Enjoying parties with friends when you don’t drink or smoke can be haarrrddd. People will also be staring at you condescendingly and be giving you names from the corners of their mouths. “Holy holy” “alfa” “pastor” “see am, e no dey drink, even Jesus turned water to wine”.

Some will even be bold enough to confront you and ask what you came to do at the party when you know you cannot mingle. “Why did you not just stay at home?” And you will be tempted to ask them what their business is.

But don’t worry, you can still carry your shoulders high and pretend that everything they are saying is not affecting you. Even if it is affecting you, just do odeshi and go about your normal business.

Many people have the misconception that to enjoy a party, you have to drink, smoke and go down low. But that is not always true. Parties are great events that help you unwind and loosen up, catch up on the latest social and street gist and have fun to the fullest. Who doesn’t love parties?

However, if you assume that you cannot enjoy parties if you don’t drink or smoke, then you’re holding on to the wrong perception of parties. This means that when you attend parties, you’re going to be overly conscious of yourself and you wouldn’t be free.

If you are one who doesn’t drink or smoke, you can still enjoy clubbing. Click Next to read more.


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