Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Babcock Student Sextape!!


First of all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with videoing yourselves having sex.

What is wrong is when one person decides to show it or send it to someone else when you guys have explicitly decided that it is supposed to remain between both of you.

Now to the Babcock University sex tape issue, apparently, an anonymous social media user said the video is actually an old video and the particular guy in the sex tape is no longer a student as he’d been expelled from the university since the previous semester.

The boy is apparently a drug abuser and had been checked into rehab when the girl paid a visit to him and it was during this particular visit that they had the sexual intercourse.

The guy apparently showed it to his guys with the aim of showing off his knacking skills and that’s when everything went haywire.

We aren’t too clear on the story as many social media users have different versions of the story but the common facts are; the sex happened in the school clinic, the guy was already expelled from the school about a month ago, he is in rehab because of some apparent drug abuse and the tape leaked because of him.

After the sex tape leak, the girl has also been expelled from the school.

Check out some of the reactions the tape got from Twitter.


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