Fans Accuse Ghana’s Most Beautiful Organizers Of Cheating A Contestant Because She’s Ewe

image via Twitter//@TV3

Tv3 has been running Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant for awhile and Ghanaians love it mostly because it is quite different from all the other pageants.

Sunday night, people convened at the Grand Arena dome at the Accra International Conference Centre to see who will emerge the winner of the GMB crown while others stayed glued to their TV sets to watch the live show of the grande finale.

Not everyone can emerge winners and naturally, there are always disgruntled fans who feel cheated that their favourite contestant didn’t win but this time, the ‘cheated fans’ have taken to social media to rant.

Ekua who represented Central Region was crowned the winner but lots of people claim the crown should have been given to Enam who represented the Volta Region.

Ekua, representing the Central Region emerged as the winner for the 2019 GMB (image: Twitter//@TV3Ghana)

Although organizers of Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant show a graph of the collated final votes proving that Ekua won fair and square…

The final vote count presented in a graph (image retrieved from

Fans are still relentless claiming that Enam who emerged as the first runner up was cheated.

Enam who represented the Volta Region came in second at the 2019 GMB (image: Twitter//TV3Ghana)

And they took to social media to question the integrity fo the show.

Some think the hate is just because Enam is a Voltarian.

And some seem to think Linda Ampah, who announced the winners, knows something about the alleged sabotage.

Some fans have posted ‘receipts’ which show that Enam was leading in votes on Saturday night and seem to think there was no way the leading votes switched by Sunday night.

The winner of Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Ekua, walked away with a brand new car, a cash prize of ¢10,000, a round trip to Dubai and one year supply of GTP fabric among other souvenirs from sponsors while, Enam, the first runner up received a cash prize of ¢8,000, a round trip to Dubai and six-months supply of GTP fabric.

Serwaa from the Ashanti Region was the second runner up and Saah who represented the Western North was the third runner up.


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  1. I have now believed why corruption will never be eradicated in Ghana. Oh GMB judges aren’t you ashamed of the cheat you cheated Enam? On what basis was Ekua announced the winner. The debate that she was even judged to check her stand the next time she mounts a forum. Enam brought something unique and she is most eloquent and deserves the crown. Enam you are GMB queen.

  2. I don’t think a section of the public and voters for contestants have an idea what it takes to be selected a queen. The main Judges may have had the chance of even seeing them in their natural states; in close range during the 13 weeks of the show. Over those number of weeks one would have known who the likely potentials could be and not based on a day’s event. The GMB show as I see it, is not an acting contest but at the core a beauty pageant. With no offense to Enam, I doubt she would have had access to other beauty pageants because of height but GMB accommodated her. Perhaps regions whose reps don’t cut it should remain without reps. Secondly these reps are not nominated by Chiefs or traditional areas, etc. They go on their own and later may get their support. In my opinion if Serwaa for example were nominated by Asantehene, there is no way she would not have received enough sms votes to stay on top week after week. However when it comes to the crunch which is the crown, height, poise, elegance and all that matter.

    I think Serwaa deserved to win, she had the aggregate qualities however, the sms votes from the public added to the Judges scores skewed it Ekua’s way. Ekua is ok. Judges have different minds also. On the final day during the date, it was very clear Aisha, Ekua and Serwaa were most gracious in delivery, poise and elegance. Enam had content but was so aggressive and not lady-like. A lady can engage in intense debate and still have grace and poise while sending her message across. It is almost the litmus test.

    TV3 and the Judges need to educate the public on the criteria and requirements as some seem to speak or write subjectively. The sms votes and acting are what the public mostly sees in terms of statics/metrics. A good actress or actor is not necessarily King or Queen material. We see this even in politics. I would suggest TV3 has an award for the best actress of the show. This may help. Best actress and beauty queen respectively are totally different items.
    Exit and coping strategies for the young ladies need to be carefully considered as they are re-integrated into regular society. They will need psychosocial support and other support systems to keep them grounded and focused so that unscrupulous men do not take advantage of them. I hope TV3 will take this up.
    Finally, new media (including social media) has democratized information sharing and exchange allowing some people to hide behind to defame and attack people’s character and personalities. Let us stop this and rather address facts and use social media constructively.

    We should also celebrate our cultural diversity and harness that for nation building,

    Best wishes.


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