Check Out 7 Ridiculous Jobs Queen Elizabeth II Has Her Staff Do


7. Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t taste her food first, of course

Queen Elizabeth II cutting cake
Wpa Pool/Getty Images

The practice of hiring a food taster to test for poison is an ancient one. Roman Emperor Claudius famously had a taster named Halotus, who was later suspected of murder when the emperor died by poison in 54 A.D. Although it has not been confirmed by the Secret Service, it’s likely that American presidents still abide by the procedure of food tasting.

The same appears to be true for Queen Elizabeth II. Although Buckingham Palace has not confirmed reports of an official food taster, chef Kevin Dundon claims to have observed the custom firsthand. The chef prepared a salmon and lamb dinner for the queen but said she didn’t try the meal until after her taste-tester sampled it. “I produced two plates: one for him and one for her, and he tasted before it was served to her,” Dundon told People. Hmm, how’s that for a high-risk, high-reward job?


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