Check Out 7 Ridiculous Jobs Queen Elizabeth II Has Her Staff Do


3. Queen Elizabeth II has someone to look to the stars

Queen Elizabeth II's Astronomer Royal
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

One of the over a thousand people working for the longest-ruling monarch is the Astronomer Royal. This position first came to be in the 17th century. “The first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed, was charged by King Charles II with drawing up a map of the heavens with enough accuracy to be reliable for navigation,” the Royal Museums Greenwich explained. Although this job, which was known as the King’s Astronomical Observator at that time, led to a great number of scientific discoveries, the position is mostly ceremonial today. Still, the Astronomer Royal is in charge of “[advising] the Queen on astronomical matters,” according to the museums.

As of this writing, astrophysicist Martin Rees holds the honorary position and is thus a member of the Royal Household. Being Queen Elizabeth II’s astronomer isn’t exactly a well-paying job, though. Rees receives a stipend of just £100 (about $129) per year.


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