Ashesi Students, Here’s Your Final Warning. Stop Using The Staff And Faculty Bus


If you’ve ever been told to step out of the staff and faculty bus because you are a student,

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In the past, students have always used the staff bus because there wasn’t a student bus at the time.

In some instances whereby staff and faculty don’t get seats on the bus, students will be obliged to get off the bus.

As students, we all know the struggle in getting reliable transportation on this side of town.

So getting to use the staff bus is a life-saver.

Last academic year at Town Hall meeting, the Director of Logistics and Facilities Management gave students a bus which was donated to the school, for students to use.

The issue was, the bus didn’t come with a driver.

The Ashesi Student Council would have to provide one for the student bus, so students can use.

Just this Monday, when students were on board the 1 pm bus, the Director of Logistics and Facilities Management, Casper Annie, warned students for the last time to stop using the staff bus and students would not be allowed to use the bus from henceforth.

He further said that students should talk to the Ashesi Student Council to provide a driver for the bus.

He made it clear that the staff bus is for staff and the student’s bus is for students.

The big question is if the student bus is not operating, where are students supposed to find a convenient and reliable means of transport for the time being?

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