For many people, chipping nail polish is like an irksome itch you just can’t stop scratching.

When your beautiful coat of colour starts flaking off, it brings an often uncontrollable urge to get rid of the offending paint, even if it means mangling your nails by chipping away the rest of it.

But, as you probably know, this is a terrible thing to do to your nails and will leave them looking scratched and hurting. Luckily, there are many healthier methods for removing nail polish without remover that do not involve this kind of nail trauma.

The Toothpaste Method

Believe it or not, you can quite literally brush your nails clean with toothpaste. Just soak your nails in warm water for a little while, a few minutes should do, just to soften them up a bit, which makes scrubbing the polish off much easier. Then, take a toothbrush (preferably not the one you use to brush your teeth though), squeeze on a line of toothpaste, and brush your nails just like you would your teeth.  Then, just wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water to get any sticky toothpaste feeling off of them, and admire your clean, freshly brushed nails.


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