The Best Facial Hair In The 2019 Beard And Moustache Championships Is Insane!


Everybody has a talent, and for these hirsute competitors, it’s growing beards and moustaches. They put their hard work to the test recently as part of the National Beard and Moustache Championships in Chicago. At the competition earlier this month, Greg Anderson, 44, a photographer from Las Vegas, USA, captured the beards and ‘staches, some of which measured longer than 24 inches.

2019 National Beard Championships Jason Kiley and Joe Farrell
Full Beard Freestyle 1st and 2nd Jason Kiley and Joe Farrell (Picture: GREG ANDERSON / CATERS NEWS)

Greg, who has been attending the event for the past seven years and describes it as ‘a two day party,’ said: ‘It’s a personal project that I love doing every year because of all of the people involved, some of which I’ve known now since the first event I shot in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2013. ‘All of the character, designs and styles never disappoint and it’s the most fun I have all year on a photo shoot.’

2019 National Beard Championships John Banks
John Banks working a party on the top and party on the bottom (Picture: GREG ANDERSON / CATERS NEWS)
2019 National Beard Championships Greg Schoenwolf
Greg Schoenwolf shot for the stars and came 3rd in the Brewers Beard category (Picture: GREG ANDERSON / CATERS NEWS)
2019 National Beard Championships Gandhi Jones
Who said the beards had to be on the front? (Picture: GREG ANDERSON / CATERS NEWS)
2019 National Beard Championships Dan Lawlor
Dan Lawlor went for the Rennie Mackintosh look (Picture: GREG ANDERSON / CATERS NEWS)

Some of the ways people style their long facial hair includes swirly patterns, windmills, and stars. Others put items like leaves and flowers in the beards to adhere to a theme. ‘The crazier the design the better, in my book,’ says Greg. ‘I love all of the outrageous styles the most, they’re kind of like my children, I can’t pick favourites.’

2019 National Beard Championships Garey Faulkner
Theis creation by Garey Faulkner is extremely soothing to look at (Picture: GREG ANDERSON / CATERS NEWS)
2019 National Beard Championships Lucio Battista
Lucio Battista in all his peacock glory (Picture: GREG ANDERSON / CATERS NEWS)

The winners from this year have been announced and include men and women – with some women beating the more-traditional beard-having men with their creative styles. Although it is a competition, there are also meet and greets, and the whole thing is a massive jolly for people who take pride in their growing capabilities.


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