Relax And Just Vibe With ToluDaDi’s New Song, “Stress”


Earlier this year, we talked about how much we were in love with a new artiste’s Ep.

ToluDaDi’s This Side EP.

The EP borst our minds and since then, our expectations of him have really been high.

Yesterday, he dropped new music titled Stress and…it’s a perfectly done song. The artiste, the producer…they both gave it their all. Right from the beginning, when the beat dropped, we knew the song will be our favourite for a very long time.

The title of the song kind of makes you expect something different from the artiste and that unexpected vibe you get instead is exciting! It’s a great song executed in the usual ToluDaDi style that makes you think “originality”.

Interestingly, when we first heard the song, we thought of Fela Kuti and how much Tolu sounded like him…right before he sang about how therapeutic Fela Kuti’s songs are. Maybe he doesn’t know it but please, ToluDaDi…YOUR song is therapeutic.

The message in the song and the way he delivers it makes it a stress reliever. It is soothing but at the same time a jam and it is quite reassuring too.

It’s easy to believe the artiste’s reassurance that the “stress no go kill we” because you can almost feel the positivity in his voice, the frustrations he sang about, all over an authentic and smooth production.

An artiste connecting with listeners without a video or a performance deserves to be ‘STAN-ed’ forever.

We were disappointed with the way the song ended tho. The break in the song where the instrumental interlude took over towards the end of the song was too good for it to have ended that abruptly.

We needed to hear more!

Get the song on all streaming platforms here: Stress.

And listen to the song here:

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