#CuteKidAlert: Kidi Makes His Son Public After Three Years!

Image: Instagram//@Kidimusic

Today, millions of hearts have been broken in Ghana and beyond.

Kidi has a child!!!!

The Ghanaian musician, Kidi is one of the biggest artistes in Ghana right now. His music is constantly being played everywhere and …he’s every girl’s favourite guy.

The gyaldem sugar!

We’ve been following Kidi for the longest time…well when he broke into the music scene and, he has never made mention of a girlfriend to even have time to breathe about a child so…what is going on here???

Kidi posted on Instagram, a photo of a beautiful boy with the caption:

“Happy birthday to my Mini Me. Young Sugar. 3 years on and you’ve brought me nothing but happiness and blessings. I bless the day you came into my life. Daddy Loves you to the Moon and back”

3 years????

Mini Me????

The gyaldem sugar has been hiding a kid for three years???

It’s not hard to believe the child is really his because…just look at the boy! So alike!

There’s a bunch of congratulations and “Happy birthday” wishes in the comments but…

People are confused…

And some are in denial lol

Others are heartbroken because…”how could you?! Kidi?” lol

Kidi pulled a Beyonce and Jay Z and kept some part of his life private. We love that he’s sharing it with us now and…happy birthday Young Sugar!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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  1. Ermm, i don’t think he intended to keep this a secret because if so, he wouldn’t have made it known now.
    And besides, it’s just three years…you all don’t expect him to announce his pregnant girlfriend or wife without news of him married


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