Andy Ruiz Brands Anthony Joshua A Quitter And Promises To End His Career

Ruiz shocked the world when he beat Joshua inside Madison Square Garden back in June

Andy Ruiz has promised to ‘end’ Anthony Joshua’s career ahead of their highly-anticipated rematch in Saudi Arabia.

The Mexican-American fighter shocked the world in June when he beat Joshua in the seventh round, taking his WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO titles after sending the Brit to the canvas four times.

Now, Ruiz is promising the same result in the Middle East while Joshua is hoping to exact his revenge.

The pair came face-to-face for Sky Sports’ The Gloves Are Off where Johnny Nelson asked the questions on everyone’s lips.

Joshua will attempt to regain his IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO heavyweight titles in Saudi Arabia

While there’s plenty of respect between the two fighters, Ruiz has insisted that he will ruin Joshua’s career next month.

“I have to [end his career],” Ruiz said: “If not he’s going to take my career. It’s either me or him.”

The 30-year-old also branded Joshua a ‘quitter’ after the fight was waved off – giving Ruiz the incredible TKO victory inside Madison Square Garden.

“I’ve gone back to my instincts,’ Joshua added. ‘You have to remember what got you here.

“But then along the way you hire professionals, you work with good people, you listen to people but ultimately no one gave me advice when I needed it, when I really started off.

“Now if I go running, it’s not just running – it has you got on the right shoes, have you got on the right socks, have you done your warm-up, have you got your heart-rate monitor on. Forget all that. We’re fighters. That’s the main thing that’s going to get me through a fight.’

Joshua said the shot Ruiz caught him with in the third round was ‘a punch from the gods’

The Watford-born heavyweight also admitted that he’s analysed the fight ‘countless’ times in an attempt to identify where it went so horribly wrong for him.

“I can’t count but [I’ve watched it] a lot of times. I stop it at round three now and again,” Joshua said.

“But you have to get past that because it doesn’t seem real. You look at it and say “come on man you’re better than that, what are you doing?”.

“I’ve got to take the loss. That’s why I don’t like doing too many interviews because it seems as though we’re going to start getting into reasons.”

Ruiz shocked the world when he beat Joshua inside Madison Square Garden back in June

Joshua also cleared up what he meant when he said his defeat was down to a ‘punch from the gods’, saying his training shouldn’t have allowed him to get hit with such a shot.

“Why did I say it was a punch from the gods? Because I train in a certain way that means he shouldn’t hit me with that shot. So I said it was sent from the gods.

“But for him, for Andy? That’s the shot he landed because he trained for it.

“I don’t worry too much what he’s doing. He knows what he’s doing. I have to focus on myself.”

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source: Daily Mail

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