VIDEO: We Are All Perplexed About The Bleaching Video Trending On Social Media!

A video was posted on Twitter by @BraQuaye_Gh and it has thrown all of us into shock!

In the video, a woman is seen half-naked in a liquid Whitening Instant Bodywash as said by the person who took the video. The brown part of the skin is seen scraped off leaving the body “white”. Per the amount mentioned in the video (30k) we can tell that the video was shot in Nigeria.

If you have 30,000 Naira which is GHS 463.45, you can do it if you are interested since it’s even December price. The commentator in the video claimed that “the dead cells were peeling off” implying that we dark people walk around with so many dead cells on our bodies and that is why we are dark.

The whole process looks quite scary and very very unhealthy and left us questioning ourselves as to why anyone would subject themselves to such a thing. You might think we are exaggerating but you should watch the video for yourself.

Some Twitter users had a lot to say about the whole bleaching process.

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