Check Out These 5 African Fashion Influencers Making Big Waves


If history and culture were roots, then fashion would be the tree that springs forth from them and carries their essence. All you need to do is explore the past of some of the global fashion brands, like Chanel, Armani and Calvin Klein, to realize that their creations were deeply reflective of the culture in which they were born and brought up. From design to prints and choice of fabrics, every fashionista models his/her style on what they have grown up with and it is this element which makes them unique.

African fashionistas are no exceptions to this rule, and what further sets them apart is their intrepid attitude in experimenting with myriad colours and fabrics. Like all fashion-conscious entities, African designers bring to the table their own unique blend of colours and combinations. While these often catch everyone else by surprise, they are effective enough to create a positive impression, and hence a lasting impact.

Assuming that by now your curiosity will have been sufficiently piqued, discussed as follows are some noteworthy fashion designers whom you can check to see if they appeal to your sense of style. Click Next to read more.


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