Twitter Star: This Guy “Attended” Every SHS In Ghana And “Knows” All Your High School Friends

The SHS guy. Twitter/Boymaison
The SHS guy. Twitter/Boymaison

It’s a sci-fi fantasy that people can have clones that will allow them to be in multiple places at once.

Maybe, just maybe, this is not science fiction anymore or the idea of having perfect clones is still science fiction and that this gentleman we’re about to tell you about actually did attend all the senior high schools in Ghana and also knows all the teachers, friends, seniors and juniors you went to high school with?

Yeah… that sounds ridiculous… we know.

If you haven’t been on Twitter lately, then allow us to introduce you to his all-knowing omnipresent man.

The SHS guy. Twitter/Boymaison

He is now Twitter famous for having a knack of meeting people off the streets of Tema and striking conversation about your senior high school days with them.

According to reports, he would claim that he attended the same SHS you did and mostly around the same time you did too. To confirm this, he will mention the names of your friends, some seniors, juniors, teachers, houses and even sing your school’s anthem.

No… he hasn’t just mastered the details of just one school. Bring up Mfanstipim and he will find a way to prove to you that you two were mates. Another can mention Adisadel College… and yes… he was there too right at the same time you attended too.

Mention St Mary’s Boys, Takoradi… yep he attended that too.

Accra Academy, St Augustine’s College, Opoku Ware… the list is endless.

This is where it gets interesting…

According to the Twitter users, once he succeeds in convincing you that you two are old high school mates, he then starts narrating his financial troubles.

How his family was involved in an accident, him moving to Tema to make ends meet. Be as it may, you would feel some empathy and give him money.

Apparently, he’s done it to a whole lot of people and some of them are sharing their experiences.


One even claimed he took him to his house and gave him all his old clothes before he travelled out of the country.

According to Twitter user, KenAppiah, the gentleman actually attended Koforidua Secondary Technical School and that he was a really smart guy.

Ken believes it was the use of drugs that has turned him into one of the smartest beggars of our times.

Well, when you see him anywhere… Get ready to go down the SHS memory lane with him.


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  1. Hahaha….This guy actually attended KSTS. Koforidua sectech. He was my senior and completed in 2008/9. He was the school team goalkeeper, he was in the team with Clifford Aboagye former u20 captain. We use to call him Boyayo back then. He knows most of the secondary school because, their time they use to attend almost every funfair in other schools. They sometimes sneak to other schools and spend days in that school….


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