Bra Kevin Beats Showed Up For A Brief Skillions Reunion At Joey B’s Concert


Remember the song, “3 Headed Beast” Okay… remember “House help?” “Riddle Riddle?” “I can explain?”

If you don’t, you’re too young to be reading this.

If you do, then you know Bra Kevin Beats.

Bra Kevin was definitely everyone’s favorite rapper with his unique style of rap and his brilliant play on words. He was a part of the legendary Skillions group which dominated every hiphop fanatic’s world from the year 2008 onwards till the artistes broke off to pursue solo careers.

But, back then, the group‘s unique style and talent gave us amazing mixtapes with songs we would rap word for word at any given time.

They were not ordinary and we loved it!!

Skillions was not just a group… it was a record label that birthed a lot of great artistes like Joey B and Lil Shaker so it was quite an exciting moment when Joey B brought Bra Kevin on stage right after he’d given us a performance with Lil Shaker at his Darryl and Friends concert yesterday.

Bra Kevin looked very different but… it’s been years since we saw him right? Change happens but everyone almost went crazy seeing him on stage!

Unfortunately he didn’t perform any of his songs. We expected him to at least give us a few lines but… nothing.

All we got was a “Make noise if you miss me tho” and that was it.

It hurts but, it was great seeing him again!

It’d be awesome if he comes back into the music scene for awhile. At least for old times sake. We will keep our fingers crossed!

Watch Bra Kevin disappoint us with no performance at all here:


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