American Starts Online Campaign To Bring Attention To Seasoned Ghanaian Economist George Ayittey

George Ayittey, Economist. Facebook/George Ayittey
George Ayittey, Economist. Facebook/George Ayittey

After reading the work of George Ayittey titled “Applied Economics for Africa”, Micheal Strong strongly believes that George Ayitey has been unfairly treated by the Nobel Prize Committee for not recognizing the great work the Ghanaian has done in terms of helping to find economic solutions that will lift a lot of Africans out of poverty.

According to Micheal, Ayittey’s work is more groundbreaking than the works produced by western economists that got them Nobel Prizes.

“When I compare the value of Ayittey’s work towards lifting a billion Africans out of poverty to the mostly trivial work of this year’s Nobel prize winners in economics, I’m outraged by the injustice,” Micheal wrote as part of his Facebook fundraising campaign.

The campaign is aimed at both shining a spotlight on George Ayittey and his work as well as raising money to support George Ayittey.

“Ayittey has been doing morally and intellectually critical work for many decades. Creating broad-based prosperity in Africa is arguably the most important moral cause in the world and Ayittey has done more to point us in the right direction than any other human being,” Micheal continued in making his case for more people to donate.

Micheal also quoted the development economist Lant Pritchett who recently wrote “People keep saying that the recent Nobelists “studied global poverty.” This is exactly wrong. They made a commitment to a method, not a subject, and their commitment to method prevented them from studying global poverty.”

“The fact that they received such money and recognition while Ayittey remains relatively unknown is a disgrace,” Micheal also said.

“Promote Ayittey’s work to anyone who cares about Africa, and let’s support Ayittey by giving him the Noble Prize that the Nobel Prize committee will never grant him. Whatever is donated will go to him as a tiny recognition of the extraordinarily valuable work he has given the world,” Micheal added.

According to his Facebook profile, Micheal is the CEO of Radical Social Entrepreneurs, a Co-founder of the Academy of Thought and Industry, the former CEO of Grupo MGK, among others. He also studied at the University of Chicago, and Harvard University.

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For his part, George Ayittey also shared a link to the fundraising campaign to his Facebook profile with a long caption that basically accused African presidents of using their positions to create wealth for themselves instead of focusing on improving the livelihoods of their citizens.

George Ayittey is a 74-year-old Ghanaian economist, author and president of the Free Africa Foundation in Washington DC. He is a former professor at American University and an associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

He has championed the argument that “Africa is poor because she is not free”, that the primary cause of African poverty is less a result of the oppression and mismanagement by colonial powers, but rather a result of modern oppressive native autocrats and socialist central planning policies.

He also goes beyond criticism of the status quo to advocate for specific ways to address the abuses of the past and present; specifically, he calls for democratic government, debt reexamination, modernized infrastructure, free-market economics, and free trade to promote development.

One wonders why his work has been largely ignored by the Nobel Prize Committee.


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