Worlasi Likened To Fela Kuti And Ebo Taylor At The Listening Session For His Upcoming Album

Yesterday, Worlasi held the listening session for his upcoming album, Worla: The man and the god.

Honestly, we were a little late to the event but…we caught some part of the performance and even with that we were impressed.

We are familiar with Worlasi’s music and his stage craft and it was beautiful to see that he turned his listening session up a notch. It wasn’t just drinks and the music playing from really good speakers… Worlasi performed his songs live with the Senku band.

The album will be released on 1st December on all music platforms

If you are a part of the Worlamy (Worlasi’s fans) you may know the Senku band. They are an extremely talented band that usually play for him during his live shows (not just him tho… we’ve seen them with Akan and at Yung Pabi’s show too) and they are really good!

Worlasi explained at the listening session that the album is a collaborative work between himself and the Senku band.

The band worked on the production, did all the composing and he did all of the writing.

He also added that the meaning behind the title of the album was not because he thinks he’s God but because he feels we all have God in us and with the right amount of work and dedication, we can all tap into our inner god and reach greatness. The album is basically a reflection of his thoughts, fears, confusion et al and… the reviews from all the invited guests at the listening session were fiercely positive.

Fred Amugi called Worlasi’s music, “homey”, Lydia Forson was full of encouragement and great advice, Ayigbe Edem gave a glowing appreciation of his music and what was a QnA session turned into an appreciation for the artiste’s unique style and soul he put into his music.

In response to being called a young Fela Kuti and Osibisa, Worlasi emphasized that at the end of the day, he is Worlasi and in as much as he’s grateful and ‘shy’ that he reminds everyone of some great musicians, he intends to leave a mark as Worlasi.

He made mention of the fact that some of his songs were samples from Osibisa and the album is also actually a live recording of all the songs. (So y’all know you’re in for an eargasmic treat)

The album will be released on the first of December, just in time for us to OD on it for his concert, Worlafest on the 7th Of December.

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