Watch Out For The Richoco Train, It Is Visiting A Neighbourhood Near You With Lots Of Christmas Goodies


Richoco will be visiting a number of neighbourhoods between the 23rd of November and the 24th of December with home seeding and bus terminal activities.

You can’t miss it when it visits your neighbourhood because you’ll be missing on a lot of goodies for Christmas.

The home seeding and bus terminal activities start on the 23rd of November in Adenta.

After Adenta, the train will also visit certain neighbourhoods in Madina, Tema, Ashiaman, Asesewa, Kwadaso, Nima, Tech, Dansoman and Tafo.

To win something special for Christmas from Richoco, all you need to do is buy 4 packs of Richoco and get the chance to ‘Poke a Tree.’

Poking the tree gives you the chance to win something special for Christmas.

Image result for poke a tree

You could win a bag of rice, oil, sardine, tins of milk and other goodies.

You get to poke a tree each time you buy 4 packs of Richoco

Richoco will also have pop up stands in the various neighbourhoods.

The best part of this is, Richoco still maintains its rich, unique taste and it is very affordable.

The 500g sachet goes for 9ghs only while the 1kg goes for 18ghs.


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