Here Is What You Missed At The Family Feud Auditions!


Yesterday was one of the audition days for Family Feud, the TV show hosted by Steve Harvey.

People from all walks of life came to audition, in groups of course and we are talking about Pilots, Doctors, Nurses, Event Managers and Sales Personnel.

Most of the groups were family members while others were colleagues.

The audition involved asking 2 families (groups) to stand in front of an audience and answer random questions. The answers have to be in the options the Crew have which were obtained from a survey.

The audition wasn’t about who was the smartest but about the energy and vibe you bring to the stage!

Auditions continue today at the premises of TV3. After which shortlisted groups will be sent to South Africa to take part in the first African edition of Steve Harvey’s Family Feud.

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Steve Harvey Is Bringing His Popular TV Show Family Feud To Ghana!


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