It’s Black Friday, Pass By A Dove Stand Today And Know Why Dove Cares For Your Skin


Black Friday is here and there’s a great opportunity which you must not miss!!!

Dove is on a mission to help you get a softer and smoother skin with its range of soap which has been made specially to keep your skin looking smooth and supple so that you can show up anywhere, confidently with your beautiful skin! That said, let’s give you a scientific reason to use the Dove soap.

Remember how the litmus paper was used to test for acidity or alkalinity back in JHS?

Okay, let us help you cast your mind back.

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PH Scale to test for acidity or alkalinity

A scale of 0-6 is acidic, 7 is neutral and 8-14 shows alkalinity.

First of all, water tests neutral when it is poured on a litmus paper.

Other variants of soap tests either acidic or basic (alkaline) when placed on a litmus paper.

The same results is shown when any product containing bleach is tested.

Finally, when a Dove soap is placed on a litmus paper, it tests neutral just like water!

Have we convinced you enough???…

Cool! Just pass by any of the Dove stands to get your Dove soaps and win souvenirs or Dove products at the locations below:

  • Marina Mall
  • Palace Mall
  • Poku Trading
  • Shoprite (Junction Mall)
  • Accra Mall, Max Mart (37)
  • Max Mart (A&C)
  • Kumasi Mall
  • Achimota Mall

At these locations, Dove shop attendants will direct you to take the litmus paper test, just so you can also have a feel of the Dove Experience.

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