Here’s How The National U-15 Scouting Team Caught An ‘Age-Cheating’ Footballer


In the last nine days, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has embarked on a talent hunt for players to form a national U-15 team.

The final selection to be assembled will participate in next month’s West African Football Union (WAFU) U-15 tournament in Burkina Faso.

However, the scouting program wasn’t without drama. One of the highlights was in Ho in the Volta Region where the age of one of the footballers had to be ascertained using a weird method.

The footballer turned up for the scouting claiming to be 14 years… but his looks drew suspicion. He looked huge in stature compared to a normal 14-year-old.

Leader of the scouting team and member of GFA Executive Council, Samuel Anim Addo, inspected his skull and teeth to validate his age.

GFA Executive Council member, Samuel Anim Addo, inspecting the player’s skull and teeth to validate his age. (credit: myjoyonline)

The boy was not allowed to take part in the process because it was proved that he was overage.

“Some people didn’t understand the whole concept, bringing boys who are far bigger than the 15,” Anim said in an interview with Joy Sports.

In spite of that, the main purpose of the scouting was achieved. The best of talents were selected and have started preparing for the tournament.

“We [scouting team] are more than satisfied. What we ask for is Ghana should look at it and take it as a Ghana project so that in the next five, 10 years we will all be proud of the talent we have developed for the nation,” Anim said.

The WAFU U-15 tournament will be held from 8th to 20th December 2019.

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source: myjoyonline

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