Here Is The Secret To Cleaning Up Red Wine Stains


We all have a love-hate relationship with red wine. We love the bold, fruity taste but hate when a glass of merlot ends up staining our carpets, rugs, furniture, and clothes. If you’re drinking wine, the occasional spill is inevitable.

When it happens, act fast and start blotting (not rubbing!) the stain with an absorbent cloth ASAP. Then, follow this guide to tackle fabric, upholstery, or carpet stains head-on.

Your favourite white blouse isn’t a goner just because it has a red wine stain. At least, not until you give Wine Away, a Good Housekeeping Institute favourite, a chance to work its magic. If you’re still wearing the garment, place a cloth between the garment and your skin.

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Then saturate the stain with the stain remover, and let sit for up to five minutes. If the stain still remains, soak the fabric for 15 minutes in cold water, apply laundry stain remover, and wash in warm water with fabric-safe bleach.


Immediately change your shirt, pour a pile of salt directly onto the stain, and let it sit overnight. Then, take it directly to the cleaners. The salt will absorb most of the liquid, making it easier for the cleaners to remove the stain the next morning.

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See? Quite simple actually! Do try it and let us know how it went in the comments section.


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