Kevin Okyere Starts Donating 10,000 Specially Made Shoes To Underprivileged Schoolchildren

Kevin Okyere
Kevin Okyere,

When a business operates in a community, it must do its part in improving the lives of the people it serves.

For Kevin Okyere and his billion-dollar oil and gas company, Springfield Group, this responsibility is one that is cherished and performed with all their heart.

Last June, we reported that the Founder and CEO of Springfield Group, the company that became the first Ghanaian company to make a historic discovery of 1.2 billion barrels of crude oil, has promised to donate 10,000 shoes to underprivileged schoolchildren.

Kevin made this announcement when he appeared on the Steve Harvey Show.

Five months down the line, Kevin has started delivering on his promise.

According to Kevin Okyere, the shoes they are donating were specially designed by Springfield for the underprivileged in the country.

“Most of the kids walk to school and it’s quite a distance and sometimes some of them don’t have shoes or the shoes that they have are not in a very good condition,” Kevin said in a Springfield promotional video.

“This is to get the schoolchildren school ready,” he added.

In an Instagram post, Kevin also threw more light on the donation.

“Being in the position to give and aid for the betterment of society and one’s community is a privilege few get to experience and one I am truly grateful for,” he said.

“Springfield has started distributing 10,000 shoes to school pupils across Ghana under our STEPS ( Springfield’s Talented Educational Phenomenal Scholars ) program,” he continued.

According to him, the company sees it as a “great opportunity to help shape our future leaders by giving them a chance at triumphing over challenges…one step at a time.”

In the video, some of the beneficiaries also thanked the company for its benevolence.

Philanthropy is one thing Kevin loves doing – from paying school fees for girls to attend international universities, to adopting underprivileged schools and even paying medical bills for people to undergo life-saving surgeries – he really takes CSR seriously.

Well done, Kevin Okyere and Team Springfield!

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