A Sierra Leonean Convicted Murderer Has Been Crowned As A Beauty Queen In Prison

The convicted beauty queen. BBC
The convicted beauty queen. BBC

It’s a pageant like none other. No red carpets, no glitz n glamour.

The 10 contestants were selected from prisons across the country. Out of the 10 contestants, 8 of them were accused of murder or manslaughter.

During the events, the contestants did the catwalk and introduced themselves to the panel of judges.

At the end of the night, inmate Sia was announced as the winner of Miss Correctional.

In an interview with the BBC, she said “I am very happy about winning. Now I know society considers us even though we are in jail.”

“It gives me hope and the crown makes me feel that I am out of prison. We know that when we eventually walk free, we will become better people,” the beauty queen told the BBC.

“Now I want to show off the crown but I am in prison,” she continued.

According to Sia, when she leaves prison, she wants to return to school and she also wants to “make peace with the family whose son I killed. It was a mistake but I know I have wronged them.”

The beauty queen is serving a 5-year jail term for killing her partner with whom she has a two-year-old child. She has 15 months of her jail term remaining.

The pageant will be an annual affair according to the Sierra Leonean prison service. To them, this is a correctional mechanism being used by the prison service to rehabilitate the inmates.

Source: BBC

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