7 Heartbreaking Reasons Why People Don’t Leave Abusive Relationships


Being in an unhealthy relationship can be something that is really traumatizing to go through. Whether it’s an emotionally abusive relationship or a physically abusive one, abusers use love against their partners to manipulate them and control every aspect of their personality.

Sometimes, people truly don’t recognize that they are in an abusive relationship. Other times, they are fully aware of the ramifications of their relationship, but due to the circumstances, it’s near impossible or even dangerous for them to leave. It’s not anyone’s place for them to judge the decisions of anyone who might be stuck in an unhealthy or abusive relationship — it’s not their fault — but it’s important to recognize the signs.

If you want to understand why people don’t leave, Click Next to see a list of reasons why someone might stay in an abusive relationship.


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