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Meet Queendela, Winner Of Central University’s 2019 Chancellor’s Award (FGPA 3.98)

In all labour, there’s profit. Graduation, a day of receiving an academic degree upon completion of one’s studies is a time to celebrate parents, guardians, lecturers and friends who have assisted one way or the other and made the initial years of your student life fun.

” We’ve had our share of highs and lows that have helped shaped us into the people we are now and I am no different. I am a better person because of the life I led and the choices I have made on this campus, be it big or small”, said Queendela.

Queendela in a joyful pose with the chancellor.

Queendela Adu- Poku is a 23-year-old lady who believes in God and hard work. She believes in making use of opportunities given her and loves to read a lot! Besides being a “bookie”/ nerd, she loves music and is a singer aside being a bass guitarist. She graduated as the best student in Banking and Finance, Overall Best Female Student and of course, the Overall Best Student.

When asked how it feels to be the 2019 Valedictorian, her response was, ” it all feels surreal and I’m still trying to figure out what just happened hahaha!
I went to school to study something I genuinely found interesting and a challenge (because I was initially a science student) and came out top of the whole school!
I’m amazed at how great God has been”.

The journey she said has been very interesting.
“Most people think I’ve had it easy but nothing like this comes that way.
I’ve had times where I was frustrated and disappointed and times where I was just tired.
But as I said, the grace of God carried me the whole way.
I’ve also had really great moments; learning something new, travelling and meeting people whose company I enjoy”.

“The international internships I’ve had in the Netherlands and UK, the people I’ve met along the way and the various lessons I’ve learnt from different situations are my high points”, she stated.

The Lady of the year

There are two sides to a coin, therefore ” Low points are a lot, haha, she laughed.
The disappointment from being rejected for various internships several times. There was a time when I had attended over 15 interviews within a 3 month period and was still getting some rejections.
Then there are friends I’ve lost along the way to death like my very good friend Daniel Kobi (May his soul RIP) and times where I didn’t know how to combine the many responsibilities I had with studying”.

The main driving force she stated has been her belief in God. ” I’m someone who believes that for every rejection and disappointment, there’s a story to be made and a testimony to be shared and that’s the only reason why God will let us go through certain things. So he has been my pillar.
My mum has also been great motivation. The need to make her proud drove me to always do better.
I also had great friends who supported my ambitions and always encouraged me.
So we have God, Mum, Ambition, Great friends”.

A pose with some friends

In the next 5 years, Queendela hopes to be at least a Vice President at a global investment bank in Compliance and Operational Risk. “I also look forward to helping Ghana and Africa in matters pertaining to Regulatory Compliance and risk management”.

“Do not give up! Never! No matter what you’re going through, know that God is there for you and He is the source of all good things. Bring all your petitions to Him and He will grant them as long as you put in the work as well.
I would also like to use this platform to encourage Centralites to take advantage of the opportunities around. Do not be afraid to go for interviews and fail because it’s the only way you can learn and gain some experience. Let’s endeavour to make use of the opportunities and internships around us to build ourselves.
Prayers and hard work will take you very far”, were her final words.

2019 Valedictorian in full view

Congratulations, Class of 2019. You made it and we’re proud of you.
Keep soaring like the eagles you are!

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