British-Nigerian Duo Get Their Self-Funded Sitcom On Netflix

Debra Odutuyo and Andrew Osayemi. africanvoiceonline
Debra Odutuyo and Andrew Osayemi. africanvoiceonline

Meet the Adebanjos, the British Sitcom created by south London Duo, Debra Odutuyo and Andrew Osayemi, has launched worldwide on Netflix 9 years after the duo tried to get their series on BBC, ITV and SKY.

Debra Odutuyo and Andrew Osayemi. africanvoiceonline
Debra Odutuyo and Andrew Osayemi.

After being rejected multiple times from mainstream broadcasters the duo raised the funds to independently produce the sitcom (which is about the culture clash between immigrant parents trying to raise their British kids). They managed to produce 3 seasons (50 episodes) over the course of 6 years and at the start of November 2019 managed to secure a deal for Netflix to air the show worldwide and is now streaming around the world.

“Meet the Adebanjos” was created in 2010 by Debra Odutuyo and Andrew Osayemi of MTA Production.

With the success of an online pilot, funding was secured to turn the sitcom into a broadcast TV series which has produced 3 seasons and 50 episodes and shown on TV all over the world.

The show follows a larger than life Dad struggling to instil his old fashion African values in his Black British household. It is a clash of African traditional values versus British culture. With the mix of a radical Pentecostal pastor, a reggae loving tutor and a cousin who has just arrived from Nigeria how will Bayo cope and more importantly does he even stand a chance?

Debra Odutuyo and Andrew Osayemi with some of the cast. africanvoiceonline
Debra Odutuyo and Andrew Osayemi with some of the cast. africanvoiceonline

The series has been a worldwide hit airing from 2011 on TV in over 20 countries across Europe and Africa and producing 50 episodes over 3 seasons! Airs on TV stations such Lebara Play, Africa Magic, OHTV, Urban TV, Viasat 1, SABC, AIT, STV, VOX Africa, The Africa Channel and many more.

Debra Odutuyo wanted to do a sitcom which promoted family values, allowed people to laugh and which gave people an insight into her British African culture. She then spent a few years developing the concept and pitching it to major TV Networks.

Not deterred by the TV Networks constant refusal, in 2009 she sold her car, moved out of her flat to raise the money to produce the series herself. It was just enough for one pilot but her determination and vision impressed a long childhood friend – the son of her Dad’s longtime friend who decided to set up a Production Company – MTA Productions, to make her vision a reality. Within a few months, they were able to raise the investment needed to produce a full season independently but still required an established production company to make their dreams a reality.

They found this production company in Fresh Media Productions, an award-winning production company run by ex-BBC Jenny Stimpson who had the vision and the expertise to take the limited budget they had to make a broadcast-quality production. Fresh Media Productions provided studio facilities by converting a community hall into a broadcast studio. FMP also provided the expertise to build the sets in the studio and provided all the production staff to shoot 7 episodes of Season 1 in 4 weeks.

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