5 Things That Can Keep You From Getting An Unpleasant Cold Sore On Your Lips


If you have a group of small blisters around your mouth or lips, you are most likely dealing with cold sores. The very first symptom is having a spot on your mouth that burns or itches until it develops into a blister. The spot may become red, swollen, or sore when the first symptoms go away. These blisters can break open, ooze, and turn into a scab after a few days.

As painful as it may sound, here are some of the easiest ways for you to steer clear of this mess well in advance. You can thank us later.

But before we begin with the ways of prevention, let’s see what causes cold sores in the first place.

5 Things That Can Keep You From Getting an Unpleasant Cold Sore on Your Lips
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Cold sores or fever blisters are caused by HSV or herpes simplex virus. These parasites permeate our body via our mouth or a break in the skin. This infection simply spreads when you touch a person with a cold sore, or when you share their utensils, kiss them, or even touch their saliva. Apart from the mouth, cold sores can also infect other body parts too. But you can prevent it from happening by following the tips below. Click Next to read more.


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