UG: It’s GradSZN Again!! Here Are The Various Types Of People You’ll Meet At Graduation!

It’s time for the November Congregation and we need to give you heads up. There are some types of people that you cant ignore at the ceremony, trust us. Be on the look out, here are a couple of them:

The Fashionista

Image result for model walking runway gif'
The dressed to kill. This person came for the graduation ankasa. From make up to hair to nails to heels to amazing graduation outfit.All boxes checked. Normally, the fashionistas  are the ones that shadda ankasa to class(we mean SHADDA).

The Emotional

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This person has enough tears to build a dam and power Nzulenzu and it is at their graduation that they’ll open the floodgates in abundance. Well, we understand. Four years of turbulence and stress no be easy. God has done some.

The ‘I came to spite’ person.

Image result for suck it max gif

These people erh! They didnt come for the ceremony in particular oo. They came so that the people that told them they would not make it in University will be put to shame. They aslo came to spite all the people who didn’t allow them to copy off of their assignments or IAs.

The Documentarian

Image result for photographer gifs
They will take pictures and videos of everythinggggg. Selfies and group photos will cry on that day. They’ll even go to the extent of going around and looking for people they probably never talked to in their class to take photos with them. But Hey, you might never see them again so make some memories out of it.

Then again congrats on successfully completing Uni.
Your whole life is ahead of you.

Be great and make us proud.


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