Psychotic Brother Choked His Sister To Death After ‘Satan Told Him To Kill Her’

A psychotic man suffering from paranoid delusions choked his sister to death after ‘hearing voices from Satan that told him to kill her’.

Khalid Ashraf, 32, killed 35-year-old Sarah inside his flat near Canary Wharf, East London, after she went to stay with him because of her concerns about his mental health.

A neighbour called police after noticing blood on his front door but by the time officers arrived he had cleaned it up, My London reports.

Sarah’s body was found in one of his two bedrooms and Ashraf told officers he had killed her because he was instructed to do so by Satan and his Buddhist leader.

He was initially charged with murder after tests showed that blood samples found in various rooms of the flat turned out to be Sarah’s.

Detectives also analysed mobile phone data and other evidence including speaking to people who knew the siblings.

However, following a mental health assessment, it was established that Ashraf was suffering from paranoid psychosis at the time of the killing.

On Wednesday at the Old Bailey, he was detained indefinitely at a mental health hospital following the killing on January 5 this year.

He had previously admitted manslaughter due to diminished responsibility which the Crown accepted.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Considine, investigating officer, said: “The Ashraf family have been devastated by this tragic event.

“Sarah recognised that her brother’s mental health was deteriorating and went to his flat to care for him.

“We will never know what the catalyst was that led to Khalid killing his sister but he and his family will have to live with the loss of their loved one for the remainder of their lives.

“I would urge anyone that is concerned about the mental health of a friend or family member to seek help on their behalf.”

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source: Mirror

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