Kay-Ara’s Pitches: A Pleasant Fusion Of Music And The Corporate World


Music is versatile and the only thing that holds you back is your creativity, right? ‘

Rapper, Kay-Ara knows this and has embarked on a project we find very impressive.

Some of you may remember him as the rapper with the dope verse on Kojo Cue‘s Wole remix. If you do, if you don’t… it’s time to get reintroduced to him.

The artiste, Kay-Ara is dropping music every Thursday in the form of pitches (image via Kay-Ara)

Kay-Ara is introducing himself to everyone in a unique way. He’s presenting himself and his music to us with his Kay-Ara Pitches.

That sounds so business-like, right? Well, it is…

Kay-Ara explained that Kay-Ara the Businessman is an alias he’s currently using. He’s working on a tape, Zero to IPO that is going to be focused entirely on his experiences in the corporate world. On the tape, he’s going to take listeners on a journey from his unemployment days to finally being employed and then starting his own company.

Just so you know, he is an Interior decorator and a container homes/offices developer.

Now before the tape comes out sometime next year, Kay-Ara is doing something that is common in the corporate world: Pitches.

But, he’s doing it differently.

The Pitches are videos he’s going to drop every Thursday on his social media platforms where you get to listen and appreciate his music style and at the same time, get to know what he does as a businessman.

The end goal is, by the time the tape finally comes out, you would know who Kay-Ara is: The artiste and The Businessman.

At the moment, he has released three videos: Start-Up which is a message to all entrepreneurs, Container Homes which talks about his business as container homes/offices developer, detailing his products and services and Development which dropped today and talks about the limitless things he can do for a client based on their budget.

If you think what he is doing is interesting, get ready cos he’s got an upcoming show, The Masterclass on the 30th Of November where people will get to experience him live and also get to listen to what will be on the Zero IP tape.

Follow him on Twitter (@Kay__Ara) Instagram (@Kay__Ara), Facebook (Kay-Ara) and Youtube (Kay-Ara) so you don’t miss out on his weekly gems and oh you should check out his website so you can take a look at his profile as The Businessman and as The Artiste: Kay-Ara website. We promise it’s pretty interesting.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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