Fuse ODG and Toyboi’s New Single “Osu”, Depicts The Night Hustle In Osu

Fuse ODG Ft Toyboi- Osu (image via Youtube)

Fuse ODG’s new single “Osu” featuring Toyboi from his upcoming EP “Road To Ghana” is just the right vibe you need now. The song is centred around the hustle in Osu specifically, commercial sex workers. In Accra, Osu is one of the hubs for commercial sex workers. The songs depict their everyday life before they hit the streets leading to after their work.

Commercial sex work in Ghana is illegal, the video, however, talks about how the ladies do what they not for the pleasure but for the money, a means of survival.

Osu is located about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) east of the central business district, Osu is a neighbourhood in central Accra, Ghana, known for its busy commercial, restaurant and nightlife activity.

The video was shot in the heart of Osu and in the video, it talks about how these ladies leave their homes and end up being sex workers in the streets of Accra. The ladies prepare for their business by reading the Bible and praying before heading out, this is quite unusual considering the work they do and the stigma attached to it.

The ladies are scantly dressed waiting for prospective customers. They are known for taking care of men who are yearning for pleasure and this is not left out in the lyrics of the song.

The song talks about how lonely these sex workers are even though they are known to have men around them a lot.

The Toyboi scene is set in a popular kenkey joint in Osu. Kenkey is a local dish eaten by the Ga people made of corn and wrapped in corn leaves.

The end scene of the video throws a question ” In June 2015, Zimbabwe’s constitutional court ruled that the police could not arrest sex workers… Should other African countries do the same?


So far Fuse ODG has released a song with Kwesi Arthur titled “Timeless”, which is also of his upcoming EP “Road To Ghana”. Looks like Fuse ODG will be featuring more young acts on his upcoming Ep and we love it already.

Watch Fuse ODG – Osu ft. Toyboi below.

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