#MyVarsity: When A Percher ‘Narrowed’ Me In My Own Room At Legon (True Story)


First of all, this is a true-life story and it happened sometime back in 2012 on Legon campus. Man really taya chale!

Imagine being so tired after you struggled to wake up for that 7:30 am lecture because you had free wifi to Netflix and chill so you slept late!

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You woke up at exactly 7:34 am then you see say you do yawa… Suddenly, it’s rush hour and you force yourself to get up. You didn’t even brush or bath… You just took that exercise book, folded it into two and started walking to the lecture hall. You really tried not to talk to anyone at the lecture hall cos..chaleeeee!!!!

The lecture is overrrrrrrr and you finally rush back to continue sleeping.



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