UG: These Narrowing Experiences Had Us Rolling On The Floor Laughing! Check Them Out!

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Some of you are lucky. You don’t even know what narrowing means.

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If you’re unlucky, you might have experienced this terrible tragedy.

“Narrowing” is a Ghanaian university jargon that is used when you excuse yourself from your room because your roommate is having sex.

Have you been narrowed  before?

We asked some students about their experiences and lmaoooo!

Gabby :

Level 100 a girl came to see me from SHS.
And the room I was in erh we were 3 level 100’s a 400 guy and 2 level 200’s who were perching.
Oh the rest went out for me o.But chale the 400 guy didn’t go out he pretended as if he was asleep. After I started making a move niggur start they pray, they sing worship. He even play gospel. Chale!


School had just reopened and guess what, I had a new roommate. Then on my birthday, I wanted us to go out together but she said no so I went out to chill with my friends small. I came back around 10 pm and the door was locked…like ah!! Madam had other plans. So I knocked on the door and she came and opened the door halfway. She was like can you wait for me a bit. I’ll be out soon I was like eeerm okay. Out soon ooo..12 am I was still outside and mosquitoes were chewing. Can you imagine!!! My father kraa hasn’t locked me like this before.What bored me kraaa was that after locking me out the guy slept in our room. Abufusem akwakwa.

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